Who We Are

We take great pride in our “balanced” approach to developing business. Based upon our three core values of Relationships, Agility and Results, we practice balancing these values to help our clients find solutions to their business needs.


Connecting for a Better Tomorrow – Our commitment to personal and productive relationships is a building block to the development of effective solutions. By getting to know and understand our clients and candidates, we establish connections that transcend the typical business relationship, creating a personalized approach to addressing the clients’ needs.  This personal approach has helped PRG develop a vast network of quality candidates and connections in the business community.


Adapting to Needs – We take great satisfaction in our ability to be creative and flexible when developing custom workforce solutions for our clients. Our hands-on personal approach to client management, allows us to quickly identify and adapt to a client’s changing business needs.


Achieving your Goals – Our focus is on the results our clients are looking for, a shift from the common role-filling mindset.  We help to identify the most pressing challenges, then using our network of relationships and agility, we assemble and deploy the most accomplished professionals.

Our established business network, combined with our personal approach, is the foundation to creating the solid business solutions that our clients seek.

With PRG, your business takes advantage of our world-class talent on a project or interim basis. The balance we bring provides the workforce expertise your business needs.

Our Philosophy

Prior to launching PRG, Christi Haley-Stover, a strategic consulting and business operations expert, noticed how typical professional service firms were viewed as cold and corporate, while jobs and clients were viewed as a one-time holes to be filled. Christi also noticed a shift amongst front-line business leaders in the way work was being done.

In the past, senior management committed to a variable workforce strategy: employees executed routine processes, while consultants were tapped for peak period work and specialized expertise. With new financial constraints, the variable workforce was the first to go. Then employee headcount was reduced, but the pressure to perform remained.

To cope with these new business challenges, front-line business leaders started taking a new approach. Instead of simply filling roles with permanent or contracted positions, work and workers were being defined by smaller specialized projects – each defined and monitored to achieve specific business needs. By shifting to this results-oriented approach, the most experienced professionals could be engaged for the appropriate amount of time and focused on the most critical work.

Christi’s vision was to develop a company with this “results-oriented” approach, helping businesses achieve and do their next new thing. Within this vision is a company that values personal, long-term relationships and conducts business with warmth, integrity and trust. As a result, PRG was born. From our team to yours, we look forward to serving you.

Did we say that we would love to work with you with your next initiative?  Don’t be shy, get in touch!