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Friday Coffee Series Library

PRG Coffee Series Webinars offers a treasure trove of valuable insights and guidance on a wide array of topics crucial to personal and professional growth. The YouTube channel serves as a convenient and accessible platform to access this wealth of knowledge of previous presentations.

These videos equip participants with the tools they need, led by community experts, helping them achieve success and fulfillment as they meet their goals. To view archives of our previous webinars of topics below, click here.

• Job Search Strategies

• Career Development Tips

• Resume Writing Techniques

• Interview Preparation

• Job Interview Tips

• Professional Networking

• Personal Branding

• Career Growth Strategies

• Job Search Websites

• LinkedIn Profile Optimization

• Cover Letter Writing Tips

• Skill Development

• Time Management Skills

• Leadership Development

• Effective Communication Techniques

• Goal Setting and Achievement

• Productivity Hacks

• Confidence Building

• Stress Management

• Work-Life Balance

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