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Upcoming Presentations in Our Friday Coffee Series

Updated: 6 days ago

Below is a list of our upcoming virtual presentations. Clicking on the Topic and Link to Register for the presentation to go to the registration page for the event you are interested in. Once you register for a presentation you will receive invitations for all future presentations.

Click here, to see past presentations available on the PRG YouTube Channel.

2024 Dates

Guest Speaker

Topic and Link to Register

April 19

Laura Doman Voice & Film/TV Actor, Confidence Coach Former tech industry sales exec turned actor, video performance coach, author, and speaker. As an actor, she appears regularly in films, TV, commercials, and industrials and provides voiceovers for commercials and corporate and training videos. As a coach, Laura works with business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to become more comfortable and charismatic on camera themselves for videos, presentations, and online appearances. She enjoys showing clients how they, too, can bridge the worlds of business and entertainment to make more successful videos that drive sales and educate their customers.

Develop Your Executive Presence On Camera for Online Appearances, Interviews, and Zoom Presentations Video is the preferred and engaging medium for audiences. Studies show that viewers retain 95% of a message when watching it on video vs. through text. If you want to better connect with your customers, employees, and business partners online, whether it’s over social media or via your corporate intranet, develop your executive presence on camera and build trust, credibility, and rapport with your audiences. It’s all in how you speak, comport yourself, and make your viewers feel about you and your message. 

  • How to use video to boost sales and visibility

  • AI vs. human presence and talent

  • On camera confidence

  • Techniques for a dynamic presence

May 3

Debra Wheatman Branding Expert Founder and president of Careers Done Write, a marketing and personal branding company providing comprehensive services to job seekers and professionals who are proactive about managing their professional development and career planning efforts. With her background in corporate human resources with well-respected financial services, advertising, and media and entertainment companies, Debra guides clients to establish and reach goals aligned with their professional needs. Debra is a frequent presenter at Gartner's security summit in Washington, DC, on diversity, equity and inclusion, C-level leadership, and strategies to help women negotiate. Additionally, Debra has been engaged by the NFL, Baruch College, Deloitte, and the International Coaching Federation Southeast Region to present on branding, career development, social media, and management topics.

Building an Enduring Personal Brand

  • Identify and emphasize your unique value proposition to stand out in your industry.

  • Consistently communicate your brand message across all platforms to build recognition and trust.

  • Engage with your audience and adapt to feedback to maintain relevance and foster loyalty.

May 17

Angela Irwin Life Coach International Confidence Coach, TEDx speaker, and the founder of Joyful Life Solutions (  dedicated to empowering women to cultivate lasting confidence. Prior to that, Angela spent 15 years in the corporate medical devices field, holding various positions in marketing, management, and clinical education in the U.S., Australia, and Europe. During the pandemic, Angela launched a 501(c) 3 organization, the Joyful Life Cochlear Implant Fund ( to help ensure her fellow cochlear implant recipients have access to the ongoing critical technology that they need to keep their hearing. Born with normal hearing, Angela went completely deaf by the age of 22 and has since heard with cochlear implants. Angela is living proof that the challenges we face don’t have to stop us, and in fact can take us places we never could have imagined. You can watch Angela’s TEDx talk here

Authentic Visibility: Be Confident Being YOU!                                     During this interactive session, we will:                    

  • Bust several myths around confidence

  • Learn a 3-step confidence building cycle

  • Come away with at least one action step to immediately implement to build your confidence

May 31

Ali Uren Collective Organizational Development Practitioner

Ali works with Leaders, Managers and Teams to successfully innovate and grow from skill gaps, threats and risk. Not just strengths. Since 2008, Ali has developed over 2,000 people across diverse roles to become confident in solving complex organizational development problems by thinking like Entrepreneurs. She utilizes her 22 years of marketing and communications experience to deliver an interconnected approach to organizational development and, in particular, building impactful employer brands both internally and externally. Awarded LinkedIn Top Voice 2024!

What Makes a High Value Leader?

Together we will:

  • Define what High Value Leadership means and what traits, characteristics and talents make a HVL in a modern, evolving market.

  • Discuss the role of meaningful relationships and how to craft these with your people.

  • Learn how to identify and leverage these traits and talents in your own Leadership practice and professional/personal brand.

June 14

Katerina Hencova Financial Planner

June 28

Diane Forster Executive Coach

Diane is the CEO of I HAVE TODAY and Diane Forster Innovation, a best-selling author, Award Winning Inventor, TEDx Speaker, TV Host, Podcaster, and Transformational Coach. Having been both an employee and a CEO, Diane's diverse background offers expertise in many areas as it relates to management, leadership and execution. Awarded 2022 Top TV Host & Mindset Coach and 2021 America's Mindset Coach.

Intentional Leadership: Revitalize & Motivate Your Team for Higher Productivity & Performance

Key Take-Aways:

  • Learn the Top 3 Attributes Successful Leaders Embody

  • The Relevance of Creating an Inclusive Corporate Culture

  • Strategies that Motivate Employees to Go the Extra Mile

July 12

Luke Yengo Financial Planner Financial planner and investment advisor within Continuum Consulting Group in Irvine, CA. Education is at the core of the services that Luke offers. He spends the necessary time not only developing, but properly explaining the financial plans he builds, and prides himself in his education-based approach. Along with a disciplined planning process centered around clarity and education, Luke holds monthly seminars educating the community on relevant financial planning topics.

Retirement Distribution Planning Join us for an informative webinar with a Q&A to learn about the interesting topic of retirement distribution planning. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The intricacies of developing a retirement distribution plan tailored to your needs

  • The tax implications of different retirement assets and how they influence your financial planning

  • Strategies to assist in optimizing the lifetime benefits of Social Security

  • Distribution strategies aimed at minimizing taxes

  • And much more …

July 26

Michelle Howe Speaker and Educator

Founder of Empath Evolution and educator who empowers teams and leaders on the value of sensitivity, intuition, and empathy.

Her mission is to awaken your sense of inner connection, amplify your intuitive gifts, and teach you to harness empathy as a superpower that allows you to serve society in more meaningful ways and release what keeps you stuck, drained, angry, or confused.

The Emotional Dilemma

Michelle will share expert secrets on how she helps clients embrace their full potential, transform cultures, and be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled in every aspect of their life.

Learning points:

  • Feelings: The Common Denominator

  • Storylines: Hidden Pockets of Pain

  • The Ways of Resistance

  • Calm the Waters

August 9

Cate Collings MD, MS, FACC, FACLM Champion for Wellbeing

Cate is Board-certified in Cardiology and Lifestyle Medicine and Immediate Past-President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, where she was instrumental in moving the field of Lifestyle Medicine from the margins into mainstream medicine including entrance into the American Medical Association.  She currently brings her decades of clinical experience together with her coaching, exercise physiology, and culinary expertise to help leaders flourish in their professional, family, and retirement lives.

Lifestyle Medicine to Nourish and Flourish in Your Professional, Family, and Retirement Lives

  • Big picture: Define lifestyle medicine and its value proposition.

  • Background science: How epigenetics surpasses genetics in health outcomes.

  • Up and personal: Why knowledge Is not all the power you need.

August 23

Dori Gilbert Listening Intelligence Consultant

September 6

Katerina Hencova Financial Planner

September 20

Mel Reyes Executive Coach

October 4

Sandra D'Angelo Certified Career Coach

October 18

Luke Yengo Financial Planner Financial planner and investment advisor within Continuum Consulting Group in Irvine, CA. Education is at the core of the services that Luke offers. He spends the necessary time not only developing, but properly explaining the financial plans he builds, and prides himself in his education-based approach. Along with a disciplined planning process centered around clarity and education, Luke holds monthly seminars educating the community on relevant financial planning topics.

Social Security Planning If you’re approaching the age of eligibility for Social Security benefits, it is crucial to approach the decision with careful consideration. Social Security benefits hold immense value, and unfortunately, many individuals unknowingly make costly errors that can have a lasting impact on their retirement income. So, join us to learn the following:

  • The correlation between benefits and age, and the potential advantages of delayed claiming

  • The intricacies of spousal benefits, and the details surrounding claiming on your spouse’s record

  • The complex landscape of divorcee benefits, and the rules and regulations governing them

  • Survivor benefits, and strategies on how to leave the highest benefit for your loved one

  • Reduction of Benefits, and how to avoid making irreversible claiming mistakes

  • Social Security Taxes, discerning the specificities of its taxation in comparison to other income sources

November 1

Peter Accettura Executive and Ikigai Coach

November 15

Roshael Hanna Executive Coach and LinkedIn Strategist

December 6

Katerina Hencova Financial Planner

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