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Upcoming Presentations in Our Friday Coffee Series

Updated: Jul 1

Below is a list of our upcoming virtual presentations. Clicking on the Topic and Link to Register for the presentation to go to the registration page for the event you are interested in. Once you register for a presentation you will receive invitations for all future presentations.

Click here, to see past presentations available on the PRG YouTube Channel. Click here, to sign up if you are not on our mailing lists and we will keep you posted of all upcoming PRG events.

2024 Dates

Guest Speaker

Topic and Link to Register

July 12

Katerina Hencova Financial Planner Katerina Hencova is a CFP® specializing in empowerment through knowledge and guiding individuals and families in building comprehensive financial plans, and developing customized strategies to achieve their financial goals. Her expertise is tax-reducing strategies and planning and her passion is philanthropy and improving other people’s lives and building a strong healthy community.

Salary Negotiations

  • What parts of compensation packages are negotiable

  • How to correctly benchmark your target salary

  • Establish proper strategies for negotiation

  • How to communicate your value statement

July 26

Michelle Howe Speaker and Educator

Founder of Empath Evolution and educator who empowers teams and leaders on the value of sensitivity, intuition, and empathy.

Her mission is to awaken your sense of inner connection, amplify your intuitive gifts, and teach you to harness empathy as a superpower that allows you to serve society in more meaningful ways and release what keeps you stuck, drained, angry, or confused.

The Emotional Dilemma

Michelle will share expert secrets on how she helps clients embrace their full potential, transform cultures, and be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled in every aspect of their life.

Learning points:

  • Feelings: The Common Denominator

  • Storylines: Hidden Pockets of Pain

  • The Ways of Resistance

  • Calm the Waters

August 9

Cate Collings MD, MS, FACC, FACLM Champion for Wellbeing

Cate is Board-certified in Cardiology and Lifestyle Medicine and Immediate Past-President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, where she was instrumental in moving the field of Lifestyle Medicine from the margins into mainstream medicine including entrance into the American Medical Association.  She currently brings her decades of clinical experience together with her coaching, exercise physiology, and culinary expertise to help leaders flourish in their professional, family, and retirement lives.

Lifestyle Medicine to Nourish and Flourish in Your Professional, Family, and Retirement Lives

  • Big picture: Define lifestyle medicine and its value proposition.

  • Background science: How epigenetics surpasses genetics in health outcomes.

  • Up and personal: Why knowledge Is not all the power you need.

August 23

Dori Gilbert Listening Intelligence Consultant

September 6

Katerina Hencova Financial Planner

September 20

Mel Reyes Executive Coach

October 4

Sandra D'Angelo Certified Career Coach

October 18

Luke Yengo Financial Planner Financial planner and investment advisor within Continuum Consulting Group in Irvine, CA. Education is at the core of the services that Luke offers. He spends the necessary time not only developing, but properly explaining the financial plans he builds, and prides himself in his education-based approach. Along with a disciplined planning process centered around clarity and education, Luke holds monthly seminars educating the community on relevant financial planning topics.

Social Security Planning If you’re approaching the age of eligibility for Social Security benefits, it is crucial to approach the decision with careful consideration. Social Security benefits hold immense value, and unfortunately, many individuals unknowingly make costly errors that can have a lasting impact on their retirement income. So, join us to learn the following:

  • The correlation between benefits and age, and the potential advantages of delayed claiming

  • The intricacies of spousal benefits, and the details surrounding claiming on your spouse’s record

  • The complex landscape of divorcee benefits, and the rules and regulations governing them

  • Survivor benefits, and strategies on how to leave the highest benefit for your loved one

  • Reduction of Benefits, and how to avoid making irreversible claiming mistakes

  • Social Security Taxes, discerning the specificities of its taxation in comparison to other income sources

November 1

Peter Accettura Executive and Ikigai Coach

November 15

Roshael Hanna Executive Coach and LinkedIn Strategist Roshael is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and LinkedIn Branding Strategist based in St. Paul, MN. She offers more than a resume; she creates an experience that highlights your unique strengths. With a background as an Editor for a global Fortune 500 corporation and a Master’s degree in Psychology Counseling, she brings a mix of industry expertise and interpersonal skills to every client and every resume. Roshael crafts your story into something remarkable to help you get interviews and get found on LinkedIn.

Unlocking Your Professional Brand: Mastering LinkedIn & Your Resume Connection

  • The Power of Your Resume: Keeping your resume current ensures you're ready for new career opportunities.

  • LinkedIn, Your Digital Brand: LinkedIn is not your resume—it's your digital footprint and personal branding tool. An optimized profile helps you get found by recruiters and hiring managers.

  • LinkedIn Success Strategies: Practical tips to strengthen your LinkedIn profile, including crafting compelling headlines and about sections and sharing valuable content.

  • LinkedIn's Job Search Power: LinkedIn is a job search platform that gets results for millions of job seekers.

December 6

Katerina Hencova Financial Planner

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