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Work in the Age of AI

In a recent PRG Friday Coffee Series discussion led by Dr. Chhavi Chauhan, esteemed AI thought leader, on the future of work amidst the rise of AI, we identified several key takeaways offering invaluable insights for anyone navigating the rapidly evolving professional landscape.


Be Present:

  • The importance of staying present and aware of the new dynamic career environment is critical.

  • While the exact trajectory of AI remains uncertain, acknowledging and analyzing its progress is crucial to stay on top of emerging trends.



  • Stay calm and maintain vigilance in monitoring the progress of AI in various sectors of interest to you.

  • Stay informed about societal, client, and competitor advancements to effectively adapt to change.

  • Reflect on personal and professional goals to ensure alignment with long-term aspirations.


Explore Your Edge:

  • Flexibility and adaptability are essential in navigating the changing work setting. Dr. Chauhan encouraged pivoting as necessary and exploring new opportunities that align with your skills and interests.

  • Consider conducting routine SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analyses to uncover key insights and strategic directions for your career or business and embrace continuous learning including emerging technologies to remain competitive.


Stay Grounded:

  • Amidst technological advancements, it is important to remain grounded in human principles and to foster authentic relationships, prioritizing human oversight in decision-making processes.

  • Trust, ethics, and the human touch are invaluable assets that complement AI tools and technologies.


It's evident that the future of work is dynamic and multifaceted. To thrive, we must embrace change, stay informed, and leverage our unique strengths to succeed in an AI-driven world. While the future of work may seem uncertain, we have the power to shape our own destinies. By embracing change, staying grounded in our core principles, and fostering a spirit of innovation, we can navigate the age of AI with confidence and resilience.


Watch the full conversation with Dr Chauhan on YouTube:


More abouthan Dr. Chhavi Chauhan:

Director of Scientific Outreach at the American Society for Investigative Pathology, a Program Manager for the Women in AI Accelerate & Raise Program, and currently serves on the Boards for 8 different mission-driven organizations in the sphere of scholarly publishing, digital pathology, AI Ethics, & youth education. She is a thought leader, a renowned international speaker, and a strong advocate for equitable and accessible healthcare. Chhavi was named in the AI Makers 150 AI & Analytics Leaders & Influencers 2021 List, The 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics 2022 list, the Top 100 Women of the Future 2023 List, and was listed as a Finalist for the AI in Researcher Award '23 from Women In AI.




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