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Boot Camp for Executives in Transition

Updated: 5 days ago

About Boot Camp for Executives in Transition

In an effort to assist executives navigating career transitions, Platinum Resource Group (PRG) has unveiled an innovative program called "Boot Camp." Designed as a sequence of three engaging virtual sessions, this offering comes at no cost to participants and provides an invaluable opportunity to develop both personal and professional skills. Some of the program highlights include the below.

  • Personal Brand Identification: Learn how to crystallize and communicate your unique value proposition in the marketplace.

  • Empowerment Awareness: Acquire actionable insights for being in a proactive, empowered state, thereby driving your decision-making process.

  • Understanding External Perception: Grasp how colleagues and industry professionals perceive you and your leadership style, and leverage this understanding for career advancement.

Each of the three virtual sessions is structured to build upon the information of the previous one. This progressive framework ensures a comprehensive growth journey for every participant.

Boot Camp extends beyond mere skill-building; it serves as a platform for making personal connections with other like-minded executives. On completing the program, participants gain exclusive access to PRG's expansive Executive Boot Camp alumni community, comprising over 3,500 professionals. Participants can expect a plethora of actionable takeaways, some of which include the below.

  • Formulating and articulating your personal brand for optimal impact.

  • Leveraging a storytelling framework that highlights your most pivotal, thriving moments.

  • Visualizing and actualizing an empowered state of mind to make strategic career moves.

  • Understanding the significance of generosity and the impact of paying it forward in both personal and professional settings.

Don't miss this opportunity to advance your career and broaden your network with PRG's Boot Camp. It's not just a program; it's an investment in your future.

2024 Session Schedule

All sessions are held virtually from 9:30am - 1:00pm, PT

  • January 4, 8, 11

  • February 8, 12, 15

  • March 7, 11, 14

  • April 11, 15, 18

  • May 9, 13, 16

  • June 6, 10, 13

  • July 11, 15, 18

  • August 8, 12, 15

  • September 5, 9, 12

  • October 10, 14, 17

  • November 7, 11, 14

  • December 5, 9, 12

To sign up, please click here for our application for consideration.


If you are an alumni, you are our best resource for referrals of Executives for future session participants. Know an Executive who could benefit from Boot Camp? Please make an introduction by sharing our online consideration form.

Alumni Exclusive Office Hours

All Executive Boot Camp alumni are invited to participate in our “Office Hours” held on the below dates at 11:00am, PT.

This dedicated Q&A platform empowers alumni to seek personalized advice from industry experts, ensuring they are fully equipped to navigate today's competitive job market. Don't miss this chance to engage with professionals who can provide the insights and strategies necessary for a successful career transition.

Virtual Friday Coffee Series

Our Virtual Friday Coffee Series presents a platform where attendees can gain knowledge from prominent industry leaders and delve into timely topics covering job search strategies, career advancement, emerging technology, and optimal practices. For information about our upcoming guest presenters and topics, click Virtual Coffee Series.

Thank you for being a part of the flourishing PRG community.

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